Marine Protection Prize Award
MCC is one of the 3 winners of the worldwide Marine Protection Prize created by the National Geographic Society.
"Conservation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; often the simplest solutions offer the most effective outcomes. Giving nature a break from anthropogenic stresses is all that is needed to allow nature to do what it does best, self-restoration. As a species, we need to reassess our priorities and remove ourselves from the consumer lifestyles we have adopted and return to a more balanced approach where we give nature the respect it so desperately needs." 
Ben Fogle: New Lives in The Wild
Discover Ben Fogle's visit on Koh Seh
Looking at this video will give you an idea of the life on our Island, and you will get to know a little more about Paul and his family!
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On Friday we travelled to the village of Ankol near the Vietnamese border to interview members of the fishing community using our community survey. The survey is used to collect information such as family details, fishing history and views and knowledge of marine conservation in the local region.



Groups of 2-3 volunteers and one Khmer translator interviewed a fisherman. It was interesting that even with the language barrier you could get a sense of the fisherman’s attitude towards marine conservation. The father of the man we were interviewing was excited to tell us about his own conservation crab bank and anti-trawling blocks and even produced a map of the offshore area. 

the interviews took about 50 minutes to conduct and a MCC and villagers photograph was taken, afterwards. It was a great experience to travel to an ‘’untouched’’ region of Cambodia and meet fishermen who seemed to share MCC’s passion for stopping illegal fishing. Also for promoting protection of Cambodia’s fish and marine ecosystems to ensure their fishing livelihood for the future. Definitely an opportunity the average Cambodian traveller would miss out on!

Zoe Hebblethwaite


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