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CALL US: +855 (0)16715444

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We are currently trying to raise funds to fully protect the New MFMA (Marine Fisheries Management Area), please visit this link for more information.

MCC Crowdfunding

Marine Conservation Cambodia has teamed up with The Marine Mammals Research Association to create 'The Cambodian Dolphin Project' which will commence in September 2017. Our two non-profit NGOs will work together to protect cetacean species in Cambodia's Kep Archipelago, namely the Irrawaddy dolphin, Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin and Indo-Pacific finless porpoise. These three species have declining populations and are currently classified as 'Vulnerable' or 'Near threateded' by the IUCN. Due to their coastal distibution, they face serious anthropogenic threats including bycatch, habitat degredation (illeage bottom trawling) and direct catch for aquaria.

The project aims to combine natural and social science methods to implement the first year round cetacean study in the target habitat, to form the first step in effective cetacean conservation, and thus to support conservation of the marine ecosystem as a whole.
It is imperative to collect data in these fields if the species are to continue to play their their role within a balanced, healthy and productive ecostsem.

Data will be collected on cetacean distribution, abundance and residency patterns in order to delineate critical habitats (feeding, breeding and resting grounds). Additionally, a community education programme will be initiated to raise local cetacean awareness and educate locals in cetacean survey techniques.

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Help MCC

This is the symbol of our partnership with a revolutionary foundation that we’re going to present you now !

This amazing innovation is called HelpFreely. Thanks to this partnership, you can easily help us with our projects when you shop online, get that special someone a birthday gift, or even book your next holiday (to Cambodia for example). All you have to do is download the HelpfreelyApp™ for your Chrome or Firefox browser and a part of each online purchase you make at any participating shop will automatically go to Marine Conservation Cambodia. It's 100% free and you can choose from the thousands of shops that have teamed up with the foundation (such as Ebay, Booking.com, Emirates…) to help out worthy causes all over the world.

The HelpfreelyApp™ is simple to download and easy to use. Best of all, it will help us continue our work in offering our services to the community. Moreover, if you use the link below to register on the website, it will allow us to raise 3% more on every future transaction of our supporter.

To be part of this initiative and learn more about this, click on this link:

Help Freely!!

Thank you for your continued support!

Marine Conservation Cambodia in The News

  • Marine Conservation Cambodia, Featured in National Geographic


    We let our work speak for its self, with our Seahorse research programs being recently featured in National Geographic, we are proud to show you who we are and what we do, read the article on the Nat Geo Website or click the link below  

    Read Here

MCC News & Updates

Guess who's back ?
Thursday March 15, 2018

Last week was very special for MCC since six students of the Liger Leadership Academy and their teacher came 4 days on the island to deploy their artificial reef and realize their baseline surveys. We were truly happy and proud to have the Liger Marine Research Team (LMRT) for so long on Koh Seh.

MCC crowdfunding campaign is done!
Sunday March 04, 2018


MCC 1st crowdfunding campaign is now closed and finished!

We finally managed to reach 12136$, almost 25% of our Goal, in 3 months. It will

Thank You Delphine !
Tuesday February 27, 2018

This is what Delphine, an ex-MCC volunteer did to support us and our crowdfunding campaign! She decided to bike a symbolic 250km, to raise money and attention to MCC project!

She finall

Volunteer Blog Posts

Who is Marine Conservation Saving?
Thursday February 08, 2018

A Wonderful Article from Myrah, one of our previous volunteers. Its always a real pleasure to see that our volunteers continue their passion after they leave, and that we manage to have a positive influence that leaves a lasting motivation to help protect our planet and our oceans. 


A Cambodian Memory
Tuesday October 24, 2017

Written by Sorina, who was shocked at the changes in the Ocean that she saw returning to Kep after being away for 42 years. The Ocean was no longer blue, clean and or full of life.


Just the Beginning
Tuesday October 24, 2017

And that’s Just the Beginning


“Wake up, it’s time to go hurry up or you’ll be late come on”, you wake up and check the time: 5:48AM, the alarm on your phone has attem

Volunteer Testimonials

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m 22, from England and I just graduated from a Zoology BSc at University of Manchester. I want to study for a Masters in Intern...

Dec 12, 2016

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International Conservation Fund of Canada

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 RGC Fisheries Administration 

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Join Our Volunteer Marine Research and Volunteer Marine Conservation Teams and learn what you can do to help protect the Ocean. Your volunteer work here makes an immediate and positive impact on the conservation of Cambodia's marine ecosystems and habitats.

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Sociodemographic report on local fishing communities


Please take a look at some of our current Internship and volunteer research projects and opportunities for your interest or university course requirements.

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Achieve your university program requirements as a Marine Conservation Cambodia intern whilst learning marine field research and marine conservation techniques, your work directly helps our team in protecting Cambodia's Ocean.

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Octopus at Kep Oceanarium volunteer project

Kep Oceanarium

Volunteer or take an internship program and Get involved with Kep Oceanarium's, Coral propagation, Seahorse Breeding and research Project.
Koh Rong Samloem volunteer project

Location Koh Rong Samloem

Our original Seahorse research base is located here at our old volunteer project site. We must apologise that we are currently not operating this site due to a huge increase in violent  crime, there are currently many embassy warnings for Sihanoukville and the surrounding islands and we would rather choose to offer security and safety than put you at risk. 


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