Marine Protection Prize Award
MCC is one of the 3 winners of the worldwide Marine Protection Prize created by the National Geographic Society.
"Conservation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; often the simplest solutions offer the most effective outcomes. Giving nature a break from anthropogenic stresses is all that is needed to allow nature to do what it does best, self-restoration. As a species, we need to reassess our priorities and remove ourselves from the consumer lifestyles we have adopted and return to a more balanced approach where we give nature the respect it so desperately needs." 
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Underwater Marine Research

Seahorse,Seagrass,Coral Reefs You will have the chance to be trained by our experienced and professional marine surveyors, once fully trained you will be able to participate in our 2018 surveys. All data goes towards assisting in management and policy changes that directly benefit the marine environments around Kep Achipelago.

The Cambodian Dolphin Project

Discover our latest project MCC has just begun Cambodia's first long term Marine Mammal Monitoring Program and is currently focused on collecting abundance, distribution and residency data of Irrawaddy dolphins to assist in the protection of thier critical habitats within Kep Archipelago. These dolphins are under severe pressure from destructive fishing and habitat loss.

Marine Fisheries Management and Policies

From Ground to Policy 2018 will be the changing year for Kep. Following the Signing of the New MFMA, We will begin the restoration of the severly damaged marine environment around the Archipelago, creating artificial habitats and protecting the recovering ecosystem from Illegal and destructive fishing techniques.
Ben Fogle: New Lives in The Wild
Discover Ben Fogle's visit on Koh Seh
Looking at this video will give you an idea of the life on our Island, and you will get to know a little more about Paul and his family!
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MCC News And Updates

28 August 2018

New partnership with the Waitt Foundation

MCC is happy to announce a new partnership with the Waitt Foundation! Like the National Geographic Society, they will support our work towards the deployment of our artificial reef project! 

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01 July 2018

2 new project manager positions available!

2 new positions are available at MCC! Click and check out if you can be the candidate we need. Sharpen your humour and if you are seriously interested, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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08 June 2018

MCC is one of the 3 winners of the National Geographic Marine Protection Prize

Kep Archipelago/ Cambodia (June 8, 2018)— To help celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th, the National Geographic Society announced Marine Conservation Cambodia as one of three winners of the Marine Protection Prize. This program attracted some of the best and brightest proposals for using technology to better police critical ecosystems and economies. From a pool of 5,720 online inscriptions, 156 teams registered for the competition, three winners were selected. Marine Conservation Cambodia is one of them, to be awarded $150,000 to implement a plan to protect the world’s oceans and sustain its fisheries.

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04 June 2018

New outboard engine for the speedboat!

A new wind is blowing on MCC patrol fleet! Thanks to our main donor, the International Conservation Fund of Canada, our speedboat just got a brand new outboard engine. It will make our crew safer and stronger.

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29 May 2018

LMRT last visit of the year!

After almost on month and a half, MCC was happy to welcome again the Liger Marine Research Team, for their last trip of the year. This is the occasion to have a look at what they achieved on this trip, and to present their work again!

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08 May 2018

MCC on the pitch!

On the 5th and 6th of May,  a delegation of 8 people got out of Koh Seh to represent MCC, Kep, and the Archipelago struggling ecosystem in The Villa Vedici football tournament, happening every year in May.

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MCC in the News

This is a short but informative Interview by the BBC World Service, with Paul Ferber, Founder and Director of MCC. 
BBC World Service, 2017
Here are two links 2 shows on french TV. The first one was shot in 2018, and shortly explains our seahorse survey techniques, as well as the island life. The second one, shot in 2017, is focusing on Paul and his family, with beautiful shots of Koh Seh.
France 5, "Echappées Belles", 2018 and "Vu Sur Terre", 2017
An article called "Building a refuge where trawlers now ravage Cambodia’s marine life.", written by Matt Bloomberg. This in depth article explains the MFMA project in Kep, going through the reasons of its creation, with a particular focus on seagrass.
Mongabay, 2018
Find our Projects and project founder featured in The UK's Daily Telegraph National Newspaper. It was written in 2015, and explained how and why Paul started Marine Conservation Cambodia! Click on the link below to discover more!
The Daily Telegraph, 2016
Here is the trailer for the UK Chanel 5 documentary Ben Fogel New lives in the Wild, featuring our Director & Founder, Paul Ferber. If you watch the full episode, you will discover the unusual life of him and his familiy. You will get to know their daily life, and what led hem to Koh Seh, which became their home 4 years ago.Ben Fogle, New Lives in The Wild, 2017
This Article is about our work saving Cambodia's Marine life, focusing especially on our work with Seahorses. The Link is to the article published by the Associated Press, then taken up by over 200 other major news outlets around the world, probably the most widely publicized article on our work to date.
Associated Press, 2017
We let our work speak for its self, with our Seahorse research programs being recently featured in National Geographic, we are proud to show you who we are and what we do, read the article on the Nat Geo Website.National Geographic, 2016
Our Seahorse and Marine research programs, in collaboration with Project Seahorse Researchers was recently featured on the Project Seahorse Website. 
Project Seahorse/Iseahorse, 2016

Real Conservation Real Research

You have found us!! Thank you for your passion and interest in Marine Conservation and Marine Research in Cambodia. 


Welcome to our Volunteer Marine Conservation Project and welcome to our website, we hope that whilst looking through our site you will begin to see our vision of marine conservation and marine research here in Cambodia and the dedication, passion and responsibility we have to conserve and protect the areas we have been entrusted with. 


At Marine Conservation Cambodia we work continuously throughout the year on the conservation, research and restoration of Cambodia's marine resources with a special focus on the marine environments and marine issues in Kep Province. Our permenant dedicated conservation and research team is out on the water daily, monitoring, researching and protecting the health of the reefs, seagrass beds and other sensitive marine habitats all with the purpose of conserving the Ocean we have fallen in love with.. 


Once you join our team you will find we are not your average volunteer project, with or without volunteers our team and our project makes a continuous positive impact, we have a very passionate team that has given up their everyday lives to dedicate their time to protecting Cambodia's marine resources, we really are just a big family. At MCC we offer a volunteer marine conservation experience like no other organization can. Being that we are a small grass roots family run organisation it allows us more flexibility in what we can offer to our volunteers and interns. We are not an International NGO or large worldwide charity, but a small local registered NGO right here in Cambodia. Many of the large voluntourism organizations and NGO’s are bound by extremely tight rules and regulations, which hinder many activities that a volunteer or intern can participate in. Here at Marine Conservation Cambodia we are not bound by these tight restrictions allowing our volunteers a once in a lifetime opportunity and ultimately the freedom to be involved in all aspects of a real marine conservation and marine research project.


We can prepare you for active in-field marine research, our training schedules allow our volunteers the opportunity to learn standard and specific reef and Seagrass monitoring methodologies, including detailed knowledge of substrates (including Coral and Seagrass species), invertebrates and fish (including In depth Seahorse identification), and of course become involved in our ground breaking seahorse research or participate in our new Marine Mammal project. Once you have completed your initial training you will become fully immersed in our monthly research schedule and are able to participate in daily scientific marine survey dives collecting important data that helps us monitor not only the changes happening within our newly created MFMA (marine fisheries management area) and the small MPA's (marine protected areas) within it, but also gathering crucial data on Cambodia's seahorse and dolphin populations. We also organise regular meetings with local fishing communities to collect information regarding their thoughts and needs regarding the status of their fishing grounds. Our team specialises in Seahorse research as it was Seahorses, or rather the threats to them that initially started what is now MCC, our new project on marine mammals is quickly becoming as loved as our seahorse work and we hope it will be the basis of a full monitoring program that will benefit all of Cambodia's marine mammals. 

As our conservation organization as progressed, we are also now very much involved in marine management/resource planning, with a lot of our time dedicated to the creation of Marine Fisheries Management areas, and the respective management of those areas. Our other main area of expertise is IUU (Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing) with our director sitting as co-chair on the Fisheries National Sub-commitee for IUU and MCC recently completing a country wide IUU hotspot report for the EU, our work on IUU is making a direct impact on tackling many problems that affect to Cambodia's coastal fisheries.


We are not some standardised conservation holiday, we use your time, energy and money to protect Cambodia's and specifically Kep's marine environment, once trained the data you collect and the reports you will be involved in preparing, are used by both national and provincial authorities to plan, manage and protect Cambodia's marine habitats and resources. Our last Conservation Zoning proposal which was completed in 2016 by our research team and our long staying volunteers has led to the creation of Cambodia's second Marine Fisheries Management area and created an extended conservation area around our base on Koh Seh Island, that report can be found here


Want to do more for marine conservation then just collect data? So do we!  And we do! You can also join us on our privately owned boats to actively patrol our MPA and actually stop illegal/destructive fishing! Yes that is correct. Marine Conservation Cambodia volunteers are allowed to join our observational patrol teams supporting us while we actively stop illegal boats within our protected area, confiscate illegal fishing equipment, and force the illegal and destructive fishers to dump their catches back into the ocean. You can also get involved in our artificial shellfish reef/anti trawling devices and underwater landscaping projects and for those that are interested begin to learn about the issues, difficulties and solutions to engaging in marine conservation in a newly developing country such as Cambodia.


Do you already have a specific conservation, marine science or related area that you are studying or looking to study? Are you looking for a hands on academic internship? At MCC we are passionate about education on marine/coastal conservation and research, we want you to not only contribute to our project, but to feel that you have also increased your own potential, increased your own abilities and developed your potential career whilst volunteering with us. Our conservation and research team is there to facilitate your learning experience and make sure you get exactly what you need from your stay with us wether its your passion to conserve the ocean or your need to fulfil university course requirements. Volunteers are also encouraged to bring their own ideas with them. From, ICM (integrated coastal management) to aquaculture projects to new scientific techniques MCC welcomes your idea! 

You can read some of the feelings of our previous volunteers here


Current Volunteer and Internship Research and Conservation Projects.

Potential Volunteer and Internship Research and Conservation Projects.


If you want to know more please look over our website and please feel free to email us with any questions.


For those interested in Academic Internships please find our Application Form Here.


Thanks again from the team at Marine Conservation Cambodia.

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Volunteer Blogs

14 July 2018

A testimony from Doug

One month ago, one of our volunteers, Doug left our island after volunteering with us for one month. He really loved it, and created a picture album about his stay. On each picture, you'll find a small description of what happened while he was taking the picture. He actually did that for his entire month, and try to communicate what was happening here in his own way. Just below, you'll find the link of his album.

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21 June 2018

Digging up a dead dolphin: cleaning the carcass

We all gathered around the grave to receive a briefing from Sarah Tubbs, chief dolphin excavator, at 3pm. The plan was to set up separate stations for the unearthed dolphin bones to be washed, dried, drawn, numbered and finally, assembled. Jasmine and I were tasked with the cleaning and drying of the bones. The plan was to start with the skull and to work our way down the skeleton one at a time to make identification and assembly of the skeleton easier.

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08 February 2018

Who is Marine Conservation Saving?

A Wonderful Article from Myrah, one of our previous volunteers. Its always a real pleasure to see that our volunteers continue their passion after they leave, and that we manage to have a positive influence that leaves a lasting motivation to help protect our planet and our oceans. 

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MCC collaborators

Marine Conservation Cambodia has a good collaborative relationship with the RGC FiA since 2008.RGC Fisheries Administration
The most wonderful people in the world.
International Conservation Fund of Canada
The Most inspiring students we've ever met.
Liger Leadership Academy
MCC and the RGC Ministry of Tourism are collaborating in the framework of Kep MFMA implementation.
RGC Ministry of Tourism 
MCC is one of the winners of the Worldwide Marine Protection Prize by National Geographic Society.
National Geographic Society 
HBS is a recent MCC partner. They will help support our work for 2018.
Heinrich Boll Stiftung
MCC contributes to citizen science data on ocean plastics.Ocean Conservancy
Project Seahorse is creating the biggest seahorse database in the world.Project Seahorse/Iseahorse
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