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Marine Conservation Cambodia opens Cambodia's first Marine Aquarium. Kep Oceanarium

Kep OceanariumKep Oceanarium is Cambodia's first dedicated marine aquarium, Marine Conservation Cambodia saw the desperate need for education on marine conservation and after the last 6 years we saw the only way to really achieve this was to build a place where people could come to see what's under the ocean in Cambodia, with displays only covering Cambodian marine life, and eduction on what people can do to help keep Cambodia's ocean beautiful and protected, Kep Oceanarium is the perfect place to be amazed and learn about the ocean.

With full lab facilities and a large behind the scenes research and breeding center, it is a perfect way for volunteers and interns to get some hands on training and be able to fulfill all their needs when joining our team.

Marine Conservation Cambodia not only provides full in field training in marine research and conservation but now we can take you behind the scenes of a small aquarium, and breeding center.

By putting together our survey training, in field marine research and our new aquarium lab facilities we offer the best experience to all our volunteers and interns whilst providing key research to assist the Cambodian Fisheries Administration in its efforts to conserve and protect our ocean. MCC is the only marine conservation organisation in Cambodia to be able to offer you not only our vast experience in the field but also the ability to get involved in a fully operational aquarium.

MCC pioneering and leading marine conservation in Cambodia.

Opening December 2013.