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Taking Action For Seahorses in Cambodia
Monday November 23, 2015

We had the pleasure of hosting Lindsay Aylesworth, a researcher with Project Seahorse, You can read Lindsay's Blog about her trip and the collaboration we have developed to help research and Read More

Getting Media Attention and Local Support
Tuesday November 10, 2015

So after our last year of work bringing attention to the illegal fishing activities destroying Kep's Ocean, Our daily and nightly patrols and our marine research are paying off.

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My First Night Patrol
Monday September 21, 2015

My first night patrol with MCC was an intense but seriously awesome experience.

Illegal Electric Trawler

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2015 National News, MCC's Seahorse Tagging

2015 International News, Battling to Save Cambodia's Marine Life

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Our original Seahorse research base is located here at our old volunteer project site. We must apologise that we are currently not operating this site due to a huge increase in violent  crime, there are currently many embassy warnings for Sihanoukville and the surrounding islands and we would rather choose to offer security and safety than put you at risk. 


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