CALL US: 016 715 444
CALL US: 016 715 444

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Marine Researcher Marine Conservation Cambodia


Join Our Volunteer Marine Research Team and learn what you can do to help protect Cambodia's Ocean.

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Sociodemographic report on local fishing communities


Take a look at some of our current research projects and opportunities for your course studies

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Marine Research Internships

 Fulfill the your University course needs whilst learning in field research techniques and helping to protect Cambodia's Ocean

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History, How We Started

Marine Conservation Cambodia, volunteer and research

Visit Our Old Website Here


The Website you are now on is the new updated Marine Conservation Cambodia website, we think its very important to leave the original one intact so you see where we came from and how we have developed.

This new website is a work in progress and as the previous one took 6 years to become as extensive as it became this new site will also need time to develop.

Please feel free to take a look through our original website, our grass roots origins and family feel have never left us, we have just evolved into a more fine tuned organization, and our current achievements and activities mirror that.

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